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Align-Pilates Ladder Barrel

Who should attend this course?
Exercise Physiologists, Physiotherapists, Pilates matwork instructors and Allied Health professionals providing rehabilitation who want to work more effectively with their clients

Why This Course? 

  • Knowing Barrels repertoire is a real bonus for working in a Pilates studio and other Allied Health Clinics
  • It is also great for rehabilitation, general stretching and mobilising the spine in all planes of movement
  • Barrels can be used to provide additional intensity in exercise programs where greater strength and stability are required
  • Barrels have multiple applications from rehabilitation to working with elite athletes and are perfect tools for helping clients reach their health and fitness goals
  • Barrels provide excellent spinal support when moving into full spinal extension or lateral flexion

Studies in, the Allied Health Professions or Pilates Matwork  

Pre-Course Study:   2 hours

Align-Pilates Spine Corrector

Course Duration:   1/2 day

Course Materials: Short Course Manual – Barrels Repertoire

Price: $350

Bonus:  Receive a 10% discount on Align-Pilates Equipment

Optional Assessment:
Optional assessment for the nationally accredited unit of competency PILEQU505 Teach Barrel repertoire. 

  • Developing a session plan based on the Tensegrity 8 Part SystemTM and delivery of the session plan to client(s) in your workplace, working with Barrels repertoire
  • Knowledge Assessment of the Cadillac repertoire
  • Practical Assessment of Barrel repertoire during the workshop

Price for optional assessment (PILEQU505) Teach Barrel repertoire: $150

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