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Course Dates For Smeaton Grange:    

7 July 2018

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Who should attend this course?
Exercise Physiologists, Physiotherapists, Pilates instructors and other Allied Health professionals who want to work more effectively with their clients especially those professionals providing home programs for clients

Why This Course? 

  • Easily integrate this small apparatus exercises into your other classes
  • Adds variety, coordination and challenge into your existing classes
  • Join the Magic Circle revolution of dynamic and fun exercises that will deepen your existing knowledge of Contemporary Pilates
  • Using Roller provides an ‘all over’ body workout to increase balance, coordination and muscle tone
  • Ideal for pregnant clients

Studies in Pilates Matwork or other Allied Health Professions  

Pre-Course Study:   2 hours

Course Duration:   1/2 day

Course Materials: Short Course Manual – Teach Magic Circle Repertoire / Small Equipment Roller

Price: $350

Bonus:  Receive a 10% discount on Align-Pilates equipment.

Optional Assessment:
Optional assessment for the nationally accredited unit of competency PILEQU506 Teach Roller repertoire and PILEQU507 Teach Magic Circle repertoire. Additional assessment activities are required

  • Developing a session plan based on the Tensegrity 8 Part SystemTM and delivery of the session plan to client(s) in your workplace, working with Barrels repertoire
  • Knowledge Assessment for Magic Circle and Roller
  • Practical Assessment of Magic Circle and Roller repertoire during the workshop

Price for optional assessment (PILEQU505) Teach Magic Circle and Roller repertoire: $150