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ISO Approved Pilates Reformers for Sale from Pilates Reformers Australia

At Pilates Reformers Australia, we have been offering premium-quality Pilates reformer machines for sale for the past five years. Recently, though, our products got a significant boost. We qualified for Europe’s ISO approval, which should go …read more .

Get a Pilates Machine: Pilates Machines for Sale in Australia

Pilates is a super way to keep yourself fit and active. You can build a lot of strength without bulking up too much and help focus your mind, all in the comfort of your own home—that is if you’re lucky enough to own a Pilates machine. Pilates …read more .

Find a Pilates Reformer for Sale in Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney or Melbourne

So you live in Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney or Melbourne, and you’re looking to get in on the Pilates craze. Well, good for you! Pilates is a wonderful way to exercise, and it’s easy to get started with a yoga mat and a few DVDs. But if you …read more .

Get Pilates Equipment Made in Australia for Sale Online

Pilates. You’ve probably heard of it, but you might not know what it is. Pilates refers to exercises using special equipment that can improve your strength, posture and flexibility while enhancing your focus …read more .

Where to Get the Best Pilates Equipment in Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney or Melbourne

You want Pilates equipment. It’s okay. You can admit it. That’s why you’re here. And there’s nothing to hide. Pilates is awesome! Few other forms of exercise will do as much to help you build strength and sharpen your powers of …read more .

Understanding the Benefits of Pilates—and Knowing Where to Find a Reformer Pilates Machine for Sale in Australia

Created in the early 1900s by Joseph Pilates, the Pilates fitness model stresses low impact workouts that focus on muscle strength, flexibility and endurance. Many forms of athletics can leave you sore after a workout, or jar …read more .

Finding a Replacement for Your AeroPilates Reformer Machine

The AeroPilates brand, which celebrated its launch in 2005, is one of the most well-known brands in the world of Pilates—not just in Australia, but also globally. AeroPilates machines are reformers that use a vertical trampoline design …read more .

Skip the Stamina Aero Pilates Reformer; Opt for a Cost-Effective Machine from Pilates Reformers Australia

Have you been shopping around for Pilates reformers and gawking at high prices that you can’t afford? Are you shopping for a reformer online in Australia that you can have shipped to your home, no matter the location? Do you want to work …read more .

How Pilates Reformers Australia Helps You Get the Most out of Your Stamina InMotion Compact Strider or Other Pilates Machines

When you decide to purchase a Stamina InMotion Compact Strider or any other Pilates machine, you should be able to do so with assurances that you are getting a quality product. At Pilates Reformers Australia, the Stamina Compact Striders …read more .

How a Stamina Air Rower Machine Can Transform Your Fitness Routine and Give You the Body You’ve Always Wanted

If you’ve spent much time in the gym lately, or chatting with your other fitness-minded friends, you probably know that air rowers are the new rage in the exercise community. Air rowing machines allow for low impact workouts and terrific …read more .

Why a Stamina Rebounder Trampolines for Pilates Is a Great Investment

Pilates machines can take a variety of different forms, from compact striders to full on workout benches and encompassing everything in between. Some Pilates machines allow you to take sitting or reclining position while you work out. …read more .

Quality Fitness Instructors Who Care Buy Quality Pilates reformer machines

As increasingly more people are turned on to exercise because they realise that the key to a long and healthy life is maintaining a healthy body and mind, we have seen a rise in the number of people employed in the business. Per Fitness Australia’s …read more .

The Simple Approach to Doing Pilates at Home

Many people assume that the only way to get a great Pilates workout is to make use of the various types of equipment available at higher end gyms or through classes. Yet moving your Pilates workout to the home gym is simpler than you may have …read more .

How Getting a Pilates Workout Machine Makes Your Life Better

Both professional athletes and celebrities have discovered the amazing benefits a Pilates routine can provide. From strengthening your core to improving your posture, there are many ways that Pilates can help you look and feel healthier. While gym …read more .